Who Needs A Forester?

You need Woodland Management Service if you are a...

Forest Landowner:
To plan the best use, protection and management of their land and timber resources so that their individual interests are met.

To assure that the best available documentation of evidence is obtained about conditions on their clients properties.

Banker and Accountant:
To help plan for meeting the income and estate tax obligations and to implement the estate management plans of woodland owner-clients.

Real Estate Broker & Agent:
To more accurately appraise timber, evaluate wildlife potential and assist their buyers in getting a better return on their investment.

To more accurately appraise rural properties, appraisers need a forester to appraise the timber resources, which are often ignored or inaccurately valued.

Insurance Adjuster:
To more accurately appraise trees damaged by a variety of causes including fire, car accidents, vandalism, etc. Trees appraised range from single yard trees to large tracts.

To evaluate the land they have as well as potential investments, to increase profits on property, to minimize taxation on properties owned.

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